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The Koala BaresLooking for some relaxing pool side reading? Need a naturist-oriented gift? Wanting to pass around the nude fun to friends and family? Here's just the thing for your bookshelf or coffee table...!

Loxie & Zoot: The Koala Bares - by Stephen Crowley
Loxie and Zoot’s passion for a clothes-free lifestyle has led them to become the owners of The Koala Bay Bares naturist resort... and the enemy of anti-nudist campaigner Tex Tyler. The story follows all the fun and drama that enrupts when Loxie, Zoot and their fellow naturist friends throw open the doors to The Koala Bares in order to counter the bad press and show the local townsfolk that "nude ain't rude!"
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  • Full colour, glossy pages
  • Features all 120 pages of The Koala Bares - Loxie and Zoot's first noodtoons adventure as seen on this site
  • Plus a Potted History of Loxie and Zoot - 4 pages with rare pics of early Loxie & Zoot material.
  • Square bound trade paper back [17 x 24cm/6.75x9.5in]

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